Says The Wiser Amuser:


Welcome merry mellow ears through moonlit meadow breezes.
Welcome where one hellos peers as one’s pleasure pleases.
Welcome whispers, welcome tears from what under seizes.
Welcome muse imagineers. Welcome wonder’s eases.

If you’ve been here before may it be why you’re back,
for you’re feeling your roar and you’re getting the knack.
May it be that you came once and liked it so much
that now you return provisioned and packed
to re-feel that flowing mellifluous touch
from your journey’s adventurous track.
To release from your limits an inhibiting crutch
and find why again you’ll be back.

If this is, for you, a venture brand new
for scratching an itching, for clearing a view,
if you’re unrehearsed, if this is your first,
may it be soul-enriching and quenching of thirst
a reverent burst of abundance and more
like fireworks being the least and the worst
you feel deep inside in your core.

May it be for your wondering soul to explore.
May it be for your wandering
a door…

What Says the Wiser Amuser in You?